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by Randy Haselow

Fifth Tuesday update . . .
We now have a writing challenge for our next Fifth Tuesday, March 29: Write a conversation with your character.
Select one of your fictional characters, major or minor, and take her or him on an adventure – perhaps a rafting trip down the Colorado River – and the two of you talk. Perhaps your character asks, “Why did you kill me in chapter 3? I had so much more to offer.”
Maximum length: 500 words.
Start writing now. Polish your piece to a high luster.

Saturday at the Christmas Castle
Jerry and Marge Peterson will open their home, a Victorian residence at 920 Glen Street in Janesville, to us this Saturday for a Tuesdays with Story post-Christmas party. Plan to arrive at 4 p.m. Bring some great food for the potluck table, and we will feast at 5:00.
Also bring a game the group might play and bring a book to trade or barter. Says Clayton Gill, here’s your chance to unload that awful book someone gave you for Christmas that you don’t want to read. But if it’s an awful book, who’s going to want to trade you for it? So it might be wiser to bring a good book that you’ve read and enjoyed and would like to pass along to someone else who also would enjoy it.
Here’s what you should do right now, if you have not already done so . . . email Jerry and tell him you’re coming and what you intend to bring for the food table. Then look around for someone with whom you can carpool. Share a ride and save gas.

News from our TWS alums
Juliette Crane’s west art exhibition runs through January 31 at Absolutely Art and Café Zoma, 2322 Atwood Avenue in Madison. Friday evening this week is the best night to see it because Juliette is throwing a party there . . . free drinks and food, live music, and loads of whimsical art. The party starts at 5 p.m. and goes on until 9:00. You can see some of the art Juliette has on display by clicking on this link: http://juliettecrane.etsy.com

Jeff Herwig is now office manager for the MATC/Truax student newspaper. He’s also that campus’s orientation coordinator. Says Jeff, “I basically make sure that students feel comfortable with Orientation and have a good introduction to the college.” (more…)


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