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December 3, 2015

The first word . . .

“When you’ve finished your script, proofread it carefully. Don’t read it as if it’s your baby and you love every word of it. Pretend you’re the world’s toughest editor. Look for every fault you can find in story structure, dialogue, characterization, and motivation. And keep rewriting until your script is as good as you can possibly make it.”
– Stan Lee (1922- ), writer and creator of comic book super heroes, from his memoir, Amazing Fantastic Incredible


What you missed if you weren’t with us . . .

Here’s what happened at first-and-third group’s gathering Tuesday evening at Alicia Ashman:

Lisa McDougal (chapter 44-45, Tebow Family Secret) – Pat Edwards, Alicia Connolly-Lohr, Judith McNeil, Millie Mader, and Cindi Dyke thought the chapter moved well and fast, although Jerry Peterson suggested it needs more action to break up the long sections of dialogue. Pat and Jerry didn’t like the swearing; Cindi, Judith, and Alicia didn’t mind it. Cindi wanted some sort of reaction from a certain character regarding the fate of another character.

Alicia Connolly-Lohr (short story, part 1, “Ricin Unleashed”) – The group generally liked it. Good sexual tension; there’s anticipation of something steamy. Needs correct technological terms. Male lead needs to be vulnerable. Too many K’s in the names of people and places. (more…)

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