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March 25, 2011
Writer’s Mail
by Carol Hornung

Quote of the Day
“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” – Richard Bach

Fifth Tuesday . . .
Thirteen stories came in for the writing challenge. Tuesday evening at Booked for Murder, we’ll find out who wins the critique of the first 50 pages of her/his novel. Madison College creative writing instructor John Galligan will provide that.

Also at Fifth Tuesday, John will share his list of “The Dirty Thirty”, thirty things you and I shouldn’t do in our manuscripts.

Have you made your reservation? Email Jerry Peterson, and tell him you’re coming.

Tuesday night … from Holly Bonnicksen-Jones:
Kim Simmons, City of Winter, Chapter 39
Holly suggested that the word “mafia” pulls the reader out of the fantasy world. Need to find a different word. Kimmie asked why James would be using a negative power in the sentence with “emotions sucked out.” Kim explained that James wasn’t in control of his power at that time; he was governed by emotion. Kimmie suggested that if he is going to use an evil power, there should be a moment where he reflects on the fact that he resorted to that kind of power. Holly asked why can James use such power on his friend, but did not use that power on the enemy soldiers under his care. Kim stated that his power has been growing and not completely controlled yet. Someone suggested that the description of the ages and the discovery that Jamie is his son are both big moments and need to be separated so that there is more impact for each. Jack suggested that Kim consider the concept of the healers being co-opted by the military. Jack also suggested that the Chief Healer have more status and how more relationship between him and his art. Use the Hippocratic Oath in some way in the chapter or in the story. The group discussed the concept of 6 sexes in this world for one of the species. Jack suggested that if the concept doesn’t move the plot forward, Kim should take it out. Kim was reluctant to do that so Holly suggested that she weave the concept throughout the story. (more…)


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