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Writer’s Mail
January 3, 2014

“Sometimes you don’t just want to risk making mistakes; you actually want to make them – if only to give you something clear and detailed to fix.” – Daniel Dennett – Intuition Pumps And Other Tools for Thinking

Who’s up next . . . weather permitting!
January 7: Lisa McDougal (chapter 11, Tebow Family Secret), Cindi Dyke (chapter 2, North Road), Millie Mader (chapter 50, Life on Hold), Ruth Imhoff (chapter, Motto of the Hound), Bob Kralapp (???), and Jerry Peterson (chapters 22-23, Capitol Crimes) . . . *Meet at Barnes & Noble Westside at our regular time of 7 p.m.

January 14: Karen Zethmayr (page of pop-up book instructions), Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (chapter 6, Coming Up For Air), Deb Kellerman (chapter 3 of recent work), Carol Hornung (chapter, Ghost of Heffron College), and Ryan Wagner (poems)… *Meet at Barnes & Noble Westside.

January 21: Amber Boudreau (chapter 28, Noble), Andy Pfeiffer (chapter, The Void), Kashmira Sheth & Amit Trivedi (???), Pat Edwards (???), Judith McNeil (chapter 8, My Mother, Savior of Men), and Jerry Peterson (chapters 24-26, Capitol Crimes).

TWS alum publishes (more…)


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