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Writer’s Mail for December 21, 2013

“Sentences are not different enough to hold the attention unless they are dramatic. No ingenuity of varying structure will do. All that can save them is the speaking tone of voice somehow entangled in the words and fastened to the page for the ear of the imagination.” –Robert Frost

Tuesday Night at Alicia Ashman Branch Library . . .
Tuesday with Story members gathered for the First-and-Third Group meeting Dec. 17. Thanks to Amber Boudreau for reporting most and thanks to Andy Pfeiffer for reporting on Amber’s reading!

Millie Mader presented a rewrite of Chapter 49 of Life on Hold. Andy thought it was a lot tighter, but asked whether the main protagonist isn’t conflicted enough with what is happening in the story. Bob Kralapp wondered why the characters have to go to breakfast. He also asked how Millie pictured the place that the characters visit. Could Millie could have accomplished what she wanted with less, Amber wondered – for example, maybe just coffee instead of breakfast. Jerry Peterson asked what an essential government worker would do that was so important that she wouldn’t be able to get away. Also, instead of asking whether someone is a widower, Mill might have had the character ask about their grandmother.

Amber Boudreau read from Chapters 26 and 27 of Noble. Andy suggested that Aaron take Moira to dinner before Homecoming, or at least that he suggest it. He also suggested to have Ansel show up at the dance and cause Moira to be conflicted about saying yes to Aaron. Ruth Imhoff thought he would be lonely by the punch bowl. The group discussed the football game in conjunction with the dance, which take place on the same night, and whether that was a feasible part of the date. Jerry picked at arrows being “loaded” – they’re not guns. Andy wanted a reminder description of the Aryx because it had been too long since the last encounter. Ruth wanted Moira to see other students in the hallway escaping school – students making out in corners, the ghost librarian, or someone she knows at the dance, like Natalia. Jerry was disappointed in what he thought was the ending. But there are two chapters left, Amber pointed out. “Stay tuned!” (more…)


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