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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
November 19, 2015


Nov. 10 Meeting:  Pat, Lisa, Cindi, Amit, Kashmira and Judith

Lisa( chapter 42, Tebow Family Secret).  The group enjoyed the chapter.  Comments raised about Izzy’s new attitude, whether the family would recognize that she had recovered her memory.  Felt that she should camouflage it more and this would also make the end of chapter when she punches her brother more effective.

Kashmira and Amit (revised chapters from their novel) Group felt the chapters excellent, clearer presentation of the situations for both protagonists. Kashmira said that they want first chapter to be happy and to present both protagonists together before their forced separation and individual experiences.  Pat suggested that Kedar’s poems be presented in Hindi/Urdu and English.

Cindi (chapters, North Road) The group liked the flow of the chapters: going into Kath’s mind while she is debating how to deal with CC upon the eve of her departure.  Felt that Kath and CC could be more intimate in their actions on the beach.  Also, that blocking of the last scene when CC’s brother enters the scene with the gun to shoot the fighter dogs, with Tessa involved, would need to be changed up a little.  Currently, if he shot the dogs with CC and Kath within his vision, he probably would shoot them, as well. (more…)


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