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January 28, 2010  by Cathy R.

“If there is no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in money.”    — Robert Graves

Writing friends…Our business changes all the time. On Wednesday, the long-awaited Apple iPad came out, with a starting list price of almost $500, which guarantees it won’t be a game changer in this writer’s life, at least not for a while. And last week, the online bookseller Amazon made an important announcement: it will begin offering a 70% royalty to authors willing to publish with them in digital text format for Kindle. That means authors, once they accept the terms of this offer, could receive more for their books than they might through physical books sales. For example, a typical $8.99 book would pay an author $3.15 under the standard system, but $6.25 under the new 70 percent scheme.

Some say this announcement is good news for self-publishers and small presses because it allows authors to cut out the middleman and go directly to their audience, much the same way that technology paved the way for independent music labels to connect musicians directly with their fans/listeners. (Of course, going forward, writers will really have to understand fine print and copyright laws, editing and marketing, if they’ll be working without that extra level of assistance.) Many in the book world are not pleased with this new course of events. To read more click here: http://www.businessinsider.com/henry-blodget-amazon-fires-torpedo-at-book-industry-launches-70-kindle-royalty-option-2010-1 Or here:  http://sfwriter.com/2010/01/amazons-70-royalty.html

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January 7, 2010 by Cathy R.

“A book is full of meaning only to the extent that it touches the heart of readers. To accomplish this, an author has no special effects, no fancy sound systems, no video—only words.”           —Shiloh author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Writing Friends

Happy 2010! Jerry Peterson invites everyone in TWS to a New Year’s party at his home in Janesville on January 9. Bring your family. Bring your resolutions. Come have some fun. That’s this Saturday at 1 p.m. Jerry and wife Marge are still a-holidaying, it seems, so when you come expect to see a train or two (miniature we hope), an antique toyshop and other delights.  

The next Fifth Tuesday approaches and first-and-third group members will host the event at Booked for Murder in Madison on March 30. Some writers are already thinking of topics for the evening’s 500-word writing challenge. How about this: “A Night at the Bookstore”—imagine what happens after they turn off the lights? Send your other suggestions to the group site for consideration.

Resolve to write:  As always, please send material and suggestions to our newsletter editor or post in our Yahoo! Groups file “Stuff for the Editor.”

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