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WRITER’S MAIL for September 28, 2012

Good Words from Way Back
“The train ran on and on. It came to the place where the railroad tracks run off into the blue sky. And it ran on chick chick-a-chick chick-a-chick chick-a-chick.
Sometimes the engineer hooted and tooted the whistle. Sometimes the fireman rang the bell. Sometimes the open-and-shut of the steam hog’s nose choked and spit pfisty-pfoost, pfisty-pfoost, pfisty-pfoost. But no matter what happened to the whistle and the bell and the steam hog, the train ran on and on to where the railroad tracks run off into the blue sky. And then it ran on and on more and more.”
–from “How They Broke Away to Go to the Rootabaga Country” in Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg (1922)

September 25 Meeting: Welcome Magical Offspring!
Josh who? Second-and-Fourth’s mystery solved: “My last name is Miller, and my genre is fantasy. I normally tell people about my writing, `If you can imagine C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling having a child together….'” Although fantastic, such an event is not beyond imagining. For the punch line, ask Josh Miller. Welcome Josh!

For the meeting notes below, please thank Katelin Cummins for recording and Pranita Raju for editing.

First up, Rebecca Rettenmund read from Chapter 12 of The Cheese Logue. Jen Wilcher thought it was good and tight, but the word “hey” in the beginning poem wasn’t necessary. Pranita, Katelin, and Josh all agreed that some sentences seemed redundant and could be removed. Josh liked the pacing, but the line about Cheese Days happening on even years was somewhat long. He suggested changes for better rhythm. Pranita thought there was a good mix of exposition and dialogue, but sometimes the transition between the two was jarring. Josh thought the part where they look at the cheese underneath the bread was an example where the exposition was done well. He suggested varying the sentence style more to keep good pacing. Katelin liked the image of the dollar bills on the ceiling and how it introduced Cheese Days, and Pranita enjoyed the conversation between Rebecca and Isaiah. (more…)

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