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February 25, 2011
Writer’s Mail
by Cathy Riddle

From The Best American Short Stories 2006 series editor Katrina Kenison: “… the best stories I’ve read over the years have seemed to require nearly as much of me, the reader, as of the writer, a kind of passionate engagement that challenges not only my intellect but my humanity. Reading, reading actively, strengthens the soul.”

Fifth Tuesday…
March 29 at Booked for Murder.

Complete your 500-word masterpiece—a distillation of an interview with one of your own characters—and send it to Jerry Peterson. As for the $10 entry fee, send it to Clayton Gill. If your piece really sings, you could win a critique of the first 50 pages of your novel by Madison College creative writing instructor John Galligan, plus dinner with him—an opportunity to learn a lot.

Galligan wrote his first novel, Red Sky, based on his experiences living, working and traveling in Japan. His fourth book in the critically acclaimed fishing mystery series, The Wind Knot, is set to release in March. He has degrees in English literature and environmental studies. On his bio page online he expresses interest in jazz, cooking, gardening and camping.

Does that give you any ideas? Write your piece and send it in soon.

Second-and-Fourth at B&N…
Terry – Chapter 7: The Tome
Anne mentioned that it appeared as if the husband had one too many hands trying to hold his wife back. Holly was mad that he burned the book and wondered if it was really gone? Jack felt that the scene (as was currently written) was not as believable as it could be. Quite a bit of time was spent discussing the phone call and what different characters’ reactions would be if the words and situations were slightly different. Holly brought the discussion to a close by mentioning how much she like how the chapter ended. (more…)


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