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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail

Notes from 2/19/13 Meeting
On a cold, icey, winter’s night in February, 5 members of the 1st and 3rd group gathered at a toasty warm Barnes & Noble to discuss the literure of our fellow writers. With copies and laptops at the ready, we all sat down to discuss what appeared to be just 1 piece of work from the night. That work belonged to to Jerry Peterson who, for the time being, was up first and last for the evening.
Jerry: The Last Good Man, Pat thought Jerry should say if one character got pinched on the butt during a funny scene. Lisa agreed and Jerry thought it was a good idea. Andy thought the names were confusing. Pat wanted to know if the faternity’s were made up names (yes). Pat was unclear of what “a student with indifferent looks” meant. Lisa felt like the story was too safe at this point. Wants someone to get robbed or some kind of conflict. Pat suggests a dead soroity girl. Jerry assures us that some “hijacking” is coming.

Then we talked about Lord of the Rings and other stuff to fill the time.

At 7:30ish, Amber arrived in dramatic fashion, with husband and daughter in tow. She had gotten into a car accident, but forturnately, she’s fine. It was not her fault. Andy suggested she add more description about what Zephyr looks like now, such as color. Jerry wasn’t so convinced that that’s needed. He thinks the reader will form their own version of a tyrannosaurus Rex in their head. Lisa felt the fear in the chapter as she read it, though Jerry thought there needs to be a better description of what “predator” means. Pat wondered why the deer didn’t run and there was discussion about whether a deer would run if not being threaten. Andy thought the mom should have said something earlier about the drinking from a glass. Jerry disagreed, explaining that it depends on the relationship with the mother. Jerry also gave some input on writing style for the story. Lisa pointed out Amber’s use of a preposition. Andy felt it wasn’t a big deal since it’s in first person. Jerry suggested ways she can re-write the way she kept using one sentence to explain the actions. Amber explained she wrote it that way for affect, which Jerry accepted. Everyone agreed that this chapter was good and tight. (more…)


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