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Tuesdays with Story
December 17, 2015

The first word . . .

“As long as people desire to have their curiosity satisfied, their questions about life and existence explained and answered, their issues of human needs validated, there will be a desire for stories.” – Bill Johnson, author and teacher (website: http://www.storyispromise.com/)

It happened Tuesday evening . . .

Twelve second-and-fourthers crowded into the small conference room at the Alicia Ashman Branch Library for peanut butter brownies, fudge, and critiquing. Here are the summaries:

– Kashmira Sheth (chapters 5-7, Nina Soni) . . . The comments were generally positive about the humor and the voice. There was duplicate chapter numbering that Jerry and Pat pointed out.

– Pat Edwards (3 poems) . . . Most attending enjoyed the three poems. Another Year — some noted the rhythm was off and questioned “Radio Marketing”, what it meant and why it was capitalized. The Music Collection reminded the older members of music they recognized. A lot liked the Doppler comparison and the sound images. A Walk in the Woods was the favorite, citing accessible language, Thoreau references, and lovely images.

– Cindi Dyke (chapter 24, North Road) . . . Several thought the backstory was good, but lengthy. Lisa and Alicia suggested breaking it up by inserting more business by Kath and Jimmy. Pat wondered if hearing that CC’s mothered died from breast cancer would change Kath’s decision to refuse treatment. (more…)


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