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Tuesdays With Story
WRITER’S MAIL for October 13, 2012

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anaïs Nin

Notes from 10/2/12
Eight of us gathered ‘round to read and review and critique.

Millie shared a portion of her rewrite for chapter thirty-eight of Life On Hold. Judith and Pat thought the girls were vicious and catty, respectively. Jerry notes that one character puts the car in reverse and drives all the way to another character’s house. Jen pointed out a few places that disrupted the flow for her.

Rebecca shared part of chapter thirteen of the Cheese Logue. Pat wanted to know why they named their cat Dirigible and suggested she add it to the story if it isn’t too long. Rebecca questions a few vignettes and if she should leave them in or not. Pat and Jerry suggest tightening rather than cutting all together. Jerry appreciated the full circle approach she takes beginning and ending with the same characters.

Judith read from part three of The Man With a Broken Heart. Pat wondered why she changed her format. Judith says she hasn’t. Pat thought it was easier to follow this time. Jerry thought one character used the other’s name a lot, which could happen once or twice, but not more than that. Rebecca wanted to know why she mentioned what one character ate, but Pat thought that part was funny.

Finally we read a section from Thou Shalt Not Murder. Pat enjoyed the scene with the parents and shares her favorite line from the chapter. Rebecca has to ask about spooning – she thought it had to happen in a bed, but the group seems to think its slang for cuddling. Jerry informs the group he based his courtroom scenes on a very rigid courtroom system where the lawyers do not approach the jury. (more…)


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