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Writers Mail
November 4, 2014

Andy Pfeiffer read from his NaNoWriMo novel, A Song of Destiny. Judith mentioned that the age or school status should be revealed earlier in the chapter. Pat pointed out the Andy has a distinctive voice and that he should give it free rein in wackiness. Pat asked about Carter’s remarking on race of a couple of Wal Mart employees. Andy said the he has a mild case of Asperger’s Syndrome and is extremely detailed oriented. Pat suggested that Carter should either be totally focused on the person, remarking on the color of their clothes, etc., or more focused on distances, etc. Judith asked about Destiny’s knowledge of cutting lens. Others suggested that she not be allowed to cut the lens, which would provide additional conflict in the runaway venture.

Judith McNeil read from My Mother, Savior of Men, Chapters 22,23, 24. Jerry felt that Charlie’s dad had smoothed the way for his chair to be accepted at the museum. The group liked the chapter on the trip to Ecuador. Millie liked the development of the father son relationship on the trip. Jerry pointed out the need to insert how “tea” got into hotel room in that scene and to action of Charlie picking up phone in one of last scenes.

Mike Rickey read his poem Grandfather’s Barns. Everyone loved the descriptions of the barns holding the energy of various aspects of the farm. Pat loved the phrase “knowers of grit”. She suggested that he show effects of weather and the elements on the barns. (more…)


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