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Tuesdays with Story
January 7, 2016


The first word . . .

Neil Gaiman (1960- ), short story writer, novelist, and author of comic books, graphic novels, theater scripts and screenplays . . . on writing: “Only by finishing the story and writing the next one do you get good.”

Who’s up next . . .

January 12: Carol Hornung (???), Rebecca Rettenmund (chapter 3 rewrite, Lookout), Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (???), Randy Slagel (short story, part 1, “Watered-Down Witch”), and Jen Wilcher (scene, “Hibiki meets Sydney”).

January 19: Bob Kralapp (???), Kashmira Sheth (chapters, Nina Soni), Pat Edwards (???), Kashmira Sheth & Amit Trivedi (chapter, novel), Randy Slagel (short story, part 1, “Watered-Down Witch”), and Jerry Peterson (chapters 25-28, Killing Ham).

January 26: ?

February 2: Lisa McDougal (chapter 48, Tebow Family Secret), Kashmira Sheth & Amit Trivedi (chapter, novel), Judith McNeil (???), Millie Mader (???), and Kashmira Sheth (chapters, Nina Soni).

 Contest Information

An online version of our 2015 Hal Prize publication can be found here:  http://issuu.com/doorcountyliving/docs/2015-pulse-lit-issue. Submissions are now being accepted at thehalprize.com. (more…)


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