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by Greg Spry

Next Fifth Tuesday: August 31st, 2010
It’s only 6 weeks away, August 31, our next Fifth Tuesday feast and festival of writing, August 31. Place to be announced, but not the writing challenge. We have that: You’re late for work because you overslept. Your boss hates oversleepers, but he does love entertaining stories. Create the most outlandish excuse for why you were late . . . and do it in no more than 400 words.

Write your mini-masterpiece now. Git ’er done, and email it to Jerry Peterson.

Meeting Recap: Tuesday, July 20th – 1st & 3rd
Randy – Judith wanted to know where the story takes place. Randy tells us it takes place in a fantasy world, in medieval times. Pat felt like it was Mexico. Judith thought it was Finland. She also felt the dream could be more mystical. Jerry wondered why Hona didn’t turn to look and see what was carrying her in the dream, or at least try to see if she was able. John and Jerry wanted to know what made the creature noble. Elijah thought she needs to take the time to consider her answer after her friend asks an evocative question. Jerry thinks her world feels very real, but for a medieval period, would she be allowed out in the woods? Does Thil hear the conversation between Hona and the goat?

Jen – She tells us a few years ago she was searching for something and a little lost. Pat enjoyed the poem and picked up on the Zen of it but had a question about the opening lines. Pat would like to see her take the poem to the next step, because the rhythm is there, she’s curious to see what she could do with it. Elijah thought it didn’t rhyme, but that it worked. Judith wanted to see what happened to the mind throughout the poem. Cathy got more of an understanding from Jen’s introduction than she did from the poem itself – something she could relate to. John wanted to know about one line in particular. Millie wanted to know why one word was capitalized, but if it’s a spiritual reference, then it made sense.

Judith – Elijah found words that ratchet up the tension in any conversation, not just in the car on the road. Pat was surprised Marshall didn’t make any comments about it being Sam’s fault the car got pulled over. Perhaps the tiredness is causing some of the tension. Randy wondered if you can say ‘shit’ on the radio. John thought it strange he died and then survived with a head wound. Cathy wasn’t sure about the word dialogue – perhaps it could be replaced with tirade or rant.

Pat Tomlinson – Someone wanted to know if Wynn was British or not. Pat decides on the spot that he’s a New Zealander. Pat E, brought up the story to print it out and couldn’t stop reading. Jerry had a problem; after a while the android is referred to as a character, who is dead on a table, but now there are two – it’s a naming issue for him. Amber wanted the main character to show a bit more bravado, but Pat insists that since the character isn’t curled up in the fetal position on the floor shows he had some guts. Cathy thought the main character could go over his feelings in the epilogue. (more…)


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